When Theresa passed away she left a beautiful gift for us. Currently we have limited copies of the book below. This book is no longer being published and is not available through online stores. All proceeds are given to the Dr. Theresa Sweeney Memorial Fund. Owl Winks and Forest Songs , By Dr. Theresa Sweeney, offers a simple remedy. With child-friendly text, fun exercises, and wonderful drawings, Sweeney presents a dialoging with nature process that people of all ages, and in all walks of life, can use to let Nature teach.

Owl Winks and Forest SongsTheresa Sweeney re-introduces us to over 48 senses that we, as part of Nature, inherited from the natural world at birth, but learned to ignore. After illustrating how our dependency on abstract word-based thinking underlies our troubles and showing the importance of including these forgotten senses in our thought-processing, Dr. Sweeney invites readers to practice the art of thinking like Nature. With 16 of her wildlife drawings and fun prompts she engages children in back and forth dialog with the animals. Because though, there can be no substitute for the real thing, she then encourages them outside to use their nature language while in tangible contact with Nature.

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The Dr. Theresa Sweeney Memorial Fund enables individuals to take advantage of financial assistance for accredited graduate degrees in Applied Ecopsychology with Project NatureConnect.

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