EcoArt Therapy Project Chair

Stacey Mallory

I definitely think “outside” the box and believe anything is possible! I love to see others succeed and find their passion.

I have been with Project NatureConnect since 2009. During this time I completed a Master of Science, with honors, in Applied Ecopsychology with a minor in Natural Attraction Ecology. I am also a certified EcoArt Therapist. I have completed a Therapeutic Art Therapy Diploma and an Art Therapy: Coloring, Drawing , Painting & Self Exploration accredited by CPD.

I serve as an adjunct faculty member of Akamai University and have been appointed to instruct the subject of Applied Ecopsychology. I am also an adjunct faculty member for Portland State University (PSU) to instruct in the subject of EcoArt Therapy. I am currently in the process of writing my PhD Dissertation with Project NatureConnect in Applied Ecopsychology/EcoArt, completing additional diplomas in Reiki and Color Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) through CPD.

I have been called upon to fulfill different roles in my life. I have enjoyed giving to others for the better part of my life through different organizations and as part of my everyday life. Throughout my studies with Project NatureConnect I have and continue to volunteer for a variety of roles and tasks including being the PNC Program Coordinator. Prior to her passing I worked closely with Dr. Theresa Sweeney and developed a deep understanding of her vision and passion for EcoArt Therapy. During this time I provided feedback, assisted with her website, curriculum and book. I consider PNC and EcoArt my “home”. I have worked with 100’s of Project NatureConnect/EcoArt Students and Graduates. As a result, I continually learn from the many diverse experiences of students, Nature, and the many Eco-Therapy and EcoArt activities.

I spent the first 35 years of my life trying to survive in the city. It finally wore me down and I moved to Arkansas to live in a rural Independent Community nestled in the Ozarks National Forest for 6 years. We have since moved to care for and learn from wild nature on private land. I live with my life partner, chickens, 5 dogs, 5 cats, chickens, and ducks. Our neighbors are all wonderful and we feel a strong sense of community, love, and support that makes our little dwelling in the forest our home. They call Arkansas “The Natural State” and for good reason. Nature is everywhere! I live a simple life which enables me to connect with Nature on a daily basis. I enjoy the simplicity of my life now and cannot ever imagine giving up the beauty and peacefulness.