Naturography By Erin Waterman

Healing Outdoors: Nature Connection for Caregivers

Erin’s work is a key element for all caregivers. Being a caregiver herself she understand the stress and nature negative we can experience when caring for others. Her work teaches us to take care of ourselves while taking care of others. Her book is an excellent resource, simple and very effective in helping us to connect with our senses, nature and ourselves. !Dr. Stacey S. Mallory


I have spent thousands of hours walking trails on Whidbey Island and feel confident I can guide people comfortably to explore these beautiful spaces.  Some are in Washington State Park land, some Department of Natural Resources, and some owned by nonprofit organizations such as Putney Woods (  I will choose a different trail each month based on the needs of the group. 

Erin Waterman has also written a book entitled Naturography: Exercises to Awaken Our Senses and Reconnect Us to Nature. To preview or buy her book click here. A Kindle version is also available and can be read on any electronic device. Click here for more information.

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