Eko Art Therapy Institut

Eko Art Therapy Institut (Note: Site Language in Czech)

Manager:  Jana Merhautová
Deep psychotherapy, accredited education and supervision

“Nature – the projection screen of our inner being, the wise teacher and the path to spirituality.”

The Institute was founded in 2016 by Mgr. Jana Merhautova, an art therapist with 25 years of experience in the field. Its mission is to disseminate the specialized EKO ART method, which is the interconnection of Jungian-oriented art therapy with transpersonal psychology and ecopsychology. They serve people who need to heal or regenerate their mental state, to establish a mental balance. The Institute also has the accreditation of the educational institution of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and offers a number of professional courses and trainings. It also provides supervision to social, health and pedagogical organizations.


The psychotherapeutic program works mainly with the Eko Art method. It is a connection between artetherapy (art psychotherapeutic techniques) and ecopsychology (the psychological, spiritual and therapeutic aspect of the relationship between man and nature.) It takes place in the environment of the National Park České Švýcarsko, in every weather, every season, day and night. emotionally attuned to ourselves and to nature and its mirroring in us Wild and locally civilized untouched landscape returns contact with the original nature of man, relieves from congestion and congestion.A man after a few hours of stay and work in nature begins to relax from stress stress and activate his senses. This project is being prepared as part of the transformation of psychiatric care.

What We Offer

The Eko Art Institute works here mainly in the field of accredited eco-artefile education, in the form of professional courses and training as well as supervising support. Education and education of children will mainly take place in the wild. The vision of a nursery is a child that draws strength from the nature in which it lives, grows and matures. Children will naturally engage and co-create the place of their living.