Deborah Punton

Deborah PuntonGreensong is founded on Ecopsychology methods to reconnect people with Nature; benefiting self, others and our environment. The Earth Charter – joining together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights,
economic justice, and a culture of peace.
Permaculture – foundational ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

Greensong Vision

Co-creating with Nature a sustainable and thriving future through present moments

Greensong Mission

To restore health and balance of people and planet though integrating connections with Nature; educating, inspiring and empowering individuals to thrive within a responsible global community.

Deborah Punton uses Ecopsychology and Eco-Art Therapy in programs and sessions with people who wish to:

– explore creativity

– feel balanced, healthier and more relaxed

– work through personal issues

– address feelings from our ecological decline: anxiety, depression, despair, guilt, numbness, feelings of being overwhelmed/powerless

– Addictive, destructive and distractive behaviours

As an Ecopsychologist, she promotes healthy, sustainable relationships between people and their immediate surroundings through nature-based mindfulness, environmental education, creative expression and reflection.

Environment workshops and programs create and inspire individuals through their experiences, observations and learning in and with Nature by re-connecting with over 50 natural senses (not just 5!)

Methods used develop a sense of love, respect and compassion for all things which creates the opportunity for greater harmony within self, society and environment.