Charlton Hall

Charlton HallDo you enjoy nature? Have you ever been camping, hiking or canoeing? Do you enjoy hunting and fishing? If so, you are probably already aware of nature’s power to relax and heal. A large and growing body of research demonstrates that nature is good for us, not only physically, but mentally as well.
Mindfulness is a technique that originated with Buddhist monks. The benefits of Mindfulness as a tool for stress reduction and self-improvement have also been researched.

Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy (MBE) is a blending of Mindfulness and Ecotherapy. MBE uses nature to facilitate Mindful Awareness.
MBE is used as a framework for helping individuals and families to find deeper connections in their own lives, and to give more meaning and enjoyment to the activities of daily living.

Charlton Hall, book author of Mindful Ecotherapy Handbook  offers courses, workshops, play therapy, mindful mood management, and more!