Natalie Forrest

nature connect yogaAlthough getting an amazing stretch is wonderful, Yoga is SO MUCH MORE than the physical practice. It is a practice of going within and connecting with your inner nature; it’s a practice of contemplation, insight, discovery, and awareness.

What you will learn in the Yoga WITH Nature course:

  • The basics of Applied Eco-psychology (that’s just a fancy pants way of saying activities that help connect with nature) and why that will make your connection to yourself and nature more fulfilling
  • Why Nature is an integral part of Yoga
  • How to turn Yogic Theories (connection with breath, the witness/present aspects, feeling of deep peace and connection) into experiences not just concepts
  • How to use Nature Connection to help to calm thought, be more present and increase inner peace.
  • How to use your senses as a communication with yourself and nature and why ‘withdrawing’ senses is really connecting with a deeper sense of connection
  • and more

Natalie Forrest – I know, a great last name for someone who loves nature.

I have been practicing yoga for 17 years and teaching for 16 years, involved with Applied Eco-psychology for about 11 years.

I came to yoga as a person seeking stability and understanding of myself. This was just before it became really popular and there were only two of in the class. From the moment I took my first class I was hooked and loved it. Yes, the stretching was great but it was all the other aspects that I adored – the insight, the contemplation, the techniques to focus my mind and be more present, the ability to access breath when I needed to. Yoga was an immediate fit for me. Yoga just made sense to me, it fit me, I didn’t have to fit it.

After years of teaching regular classes I began to feel that I wasn’t quite getting across what it was that I loved so much about yoga. You see, my home practice was almost always outside, but I had to teach indoors. I eventually started offering a Spontaneous Outdoor Summer Yoga Program, where I would have a list of people who had signed themselves up and I would email them three or four days in advance and we would meet at all these beautiful locations in my town and practice yoga. I would blend in applied eco-psychology as best I could, and it was great. I offered Applied- Eco-psychology and Yoga at a few retreats, which was fabulous. But I started to yearn to teach what I practiced in my own practice, to really get into the heart of what I loved about both of these and how they are very compatible if one comes from the heart.