We are delighted to share with you what EcoArt Students and Graduates are doing with what they have learned with us and in the field of Applied Ecopsychology and Eco-Arts. If you are an EcoArt Student/Graduate and would like to add your social media page, website, book, or project portfolios to the EcoArt website please contact us.

Student/Graduate Books

Our Prosperous Planet by Lucille Whitaker and Tom Chi. This book helps you to envision a sustainable future for our shared planet. The text provides solutions for improving our global economy in the areas of Energy, Transportation, Waste/Materials, Pollution, Food, Endangered Species, Cities and Land Usage and more. This book include beautiful inviting and attractive artwork. Buy or Review

Naturography: Exercises to Waken Our Senses and Reconnect Us to Nature by Erin Waterman. This is a wonderfully written book that invites us into nature connected activities that help us to connect with Earth and treat the Earth as our “Other Body”. This book helps us to discover/connect with our place on this beautiful planet! Buy or Review

A Year of Sacred Circles, by Beth Adoette. In this sensitive and thought-provoking book, artist Beth Adoette invites us to share in her year-long journey chronicling what she calls the “Contemplative Sacred Circles” she co-creates with nature. Through intricate pencil drawings and thoughtful essays, Beth interprets the “message of the moment, the silent conversation” that connects us all through the tiniest intricate details, and the expansive, mysterious whole. Buy or Review.

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