Vivian Lavalle

Coordinating  taylor made outdoor

Nature Connecting Activities


To carry out the proposed  PNC-ECO-ART activities in a wild environment, of quietness and natural beauty, it makes possible a path that helps to think and  relate with the balance and  harmony, in the same way that the Nature does.

This results in a useful and unforgettable experience. 



Email Vivian for additional information:

Workshop Information

Audience: Anyone. Minimum 4   maximum 10 people.

Duration: Minimum 4 hours; Maximum 7 day.

Date :  To be arranged

Location:  Argentina. Specific location TBD.

Costs: Please Email

Note: These are independent workshops and training. They can not be accredited nor can clock hours be transferred to Eco-Art, Project NatureConnect training or any of its affiliate Universities for a degree.

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