Frequently Asked Questions

Course Questions

Eco-Art adds questions to its FAQ’s based on the inquiries it receives. If you still need a question answered please contact us. 

Eco-Art courses are approximately 45 clock hours per credit.

The core Eco-Art courses are typically three credits or 135 clock hours.

Individuals may complete the required Eco-Art requirements in under 10 hours per week. However, please note that the estimated time includes field experiences. Therefore, the time you spend in Nature and completing your Eco-Art project may require more or less time. If, for any reason, you have accumulated more than the allotted number of hours in a course, please let the course administrator know so that we may adjust your credit hours.

Typically, an Eco-Art course takes approximately three months to complete. However, there can sometimes be delays if there is a holiday or someone needs more time to complete an activity. Through the Eco-Art consent/permission process, you will be able to adjust timing as an Interactive Group if needed.

An Eco-Art Interactive Group has three to five students. In addition, an Eco-Art Administrator and Instructor will be assigned to your Interact Group.

Your Interact Group may at times have a volunteer Student Instructor. A volunteer Student Instructor is an individual completing a facilitation unit so they may obtain credits towards a certificate or degree.

On a limited basis, individuals can complete a course on through self-study. When completing a course on a self-study basis, you will be assigned a mentor.

It is highly recommended that you complete at least one or two courses with an Interactive Group. An Interactive Group will provide you with additional in-depth insights and feedback. In addition, there are several organic processes that we utilize and implement in Interactive Groups.

Please note: some courses included in the certificate or degree will require participating in Interact Groups. If this is an issue, we will do everything we can to assist you with your studies on a self-study basis.

Payment Questions

We want everyone interested in Eco-Art to be able to participate regardless of their ability to pay.

For Eco 530, the suggested course price is $255.00. However, and for this course only, we use a model of Pay What You Want (PWYW). Therefore, you may decide what you wish to pay for this course.

Typically, courses within Eco-Art/Project NatureConnect are calculated at $150.00 per credit hour for degrees or $85.00 per credit for certificates.

  1. All Eco-Art courses are offered at the certificate price of $85.00 per credit hour.
  2. All payments made toward Eco-Art courses will be transferred to Project NatureConnect and deducted from tuition if you are working on a degree. Typically, a certificate student would pay $2,250.00 for 15 credits.  However, eco-Art has made it possible to obtain the same 15 credits for $1275.00. This is a savings of $975.00. Someone from Eco-Art will assist you with transferring credits and pricing when you enroll for a degree with Project NatureConnect.

Eco-Art requires that everyone purchase the Eco-Art coursebook Eco-Art Therapy: Creative Activities that let Earth Teach, by Dr. Theresa Sweeney. The coursebook is available in hard copy and Kindle versions. If you are on a waiver or need assistance with the coursebook purchase, please let an Eco-Art administrator know before starting a course.

Any other electronic coursebooks will be given to each individual as part of the course, certificate, or degree costs.

Eco-Art accepts most forms of payments. You may also create payment plans interest-free. In addition, limited partial or full waivers are available in exchange for you completing a volunteer work-study.

Typically, Eco-Art accepts payments once you have been in a course for thirty days. This provides each individual with ample time to decide if the course is a good fit for their goals and learning objectives.

  1. Because everyone is on different payment plans, all refunds are determined case-by-case.
  2. Refunds will not be given for any course you have already started or completed. Alternatively, you may sign up to take the class another time or take another course through Eco-Art or Project NatureConnect.
  1. Once you have completed a course, you are more than welcome to take it more than once.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and it may be possible to create agreements not listed on the Eco-Art Therapy website. Please contact us to discuss your situation so that we may work with you to get you started in Eco-Art in the most feasible way for your situation.

In general, the following applies:

  1. We can offer financial waivers for individuals needing assistance with the costs on a limited basis.
  2. In exchange for a financial waiver, you will be required to complete a volunteer task or role within Eco-Art in exchange for your waiver.
  3. All volunteer hours must be complete before we can issue your certificate(s) of completion.
  4. We know that many people have limited time, and this time is precious. Therefore, it is possible to complete agreements to do your volunteer work-study as time permits.