Individual Eco-Art Courses

All Eco-Art and Applied Ecopsychology courses are designed to deepen our connection with self and the majestic beauty of Nature.

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July 15, 2023

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Help us Aquire New Particpants
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Celebrate your accomplishments
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Eco-Art Individual Courses

Below we have listed the core Eco-Art course options.

Please note it is possible to create individualized studies. As a result, other course options are available for you to take based on your individual interests. We are more than happy to discuss your options as you progress through your studies in Eco-Art.

Credits: 2

Duration: 3 months

Prerequisites: None

Electronic Course Book: Included

Course Information: This entrance-level, online, sensory-ecology course in practical, nature-connected education, counseling, and healing enable you, backyard or backcountry, to master and teach the established therapeutic science of Applied Ecopsychology. Increase personal, social, and environmental well-being by allowing the individual to create beneficial moments that let Earth teach. This restorative thinking skill helps their five natural senses reasonably embrace their nurturing origins in the balanced, self-correcting, and renewing ways of biological systems within and around us. 

Course Outcomes:

  1. Identify and be able to utilize Applied Ecopsychology and Integrated Ecology in and around you;
  2. Ability to utilize the Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP);
  3. Knowledge of what it means to be and live the life of a Global Citizen;
  4. Ability to recognize our innate 54 senses;
  5. And more!

Read more about this course.

Credits: 3

Duration: 3 months

Prerequisites: None

Required Book: Sweeney, Theresa (2013) Eco-Art Therapy: Creative Activities That Let Earth Teach. ISBN: 0615901476

Course Information: This is a fun, experiential course designed to introduce the student to how adding an art component to nature-connecting activities can enhance the ability of Nature to teach. Both art and Nature are non-verbal ways through which our subconscious mind can express itself. In this class, the student will learn techniques to use to facilitate that expression through making therapeutic, nature-inspired art.  You do not need to be an artist or have extensive creative talent to take this class. It is not an art course but uses the creative process of art-making as a tool for healing and self-discovery with Nature. It lets the student explore the innovative merging of traditional Art Therapy with Applied Ecopsychology.

Credits: 3

Duration: 3 months

Prerequisites: Eco 500 B and Eco 530.

Required Book: Sweeney, Theresa (2013) Eco-Art Therapy: Creative Activities That Let Earth Teach. ISBN: 0615901476

Course Information: This class teaches advanced hands-on education, counseling, and mental health skills that use art to tap the wisdom of Nature’s ways. Students continue their exploration of a set of creative and therapeutic tools that help reverse the problems caused by our separation from Nature.

Credits: 3

Duration: 3 months

Prerequisites: Eco 500 B, Eco 501, Eco 530, and Eco 531.

Required Book: Sweeney, Theresa (2013) Eco-Art Therapy: Creative Activities That Let Earth Teach. ISBN: 0615901476

Course Information:

This course gives students the opportunity to teach the Eco-Art Therapy process and activities. Students facilitate ECO 530 or Eco 531 online. Students who complete facilitation online will receive a complete evaluation answered by students and evaluated by the Course Instructor.

Individual Course FAQ's

Here’s what you need to know about individual Eco-Art classes based on the questions we get asked the most.

Course Costs, Accreditation, and Certificates of Completion.

How much are courses?
Individual Eco-Art courses are $85.00 per credit. If you wish to obtain credits/CEUs, an additional $62.00 fee is payable to the University of The Pacific (UOP). Please ensure that your employer or school accepts accreditation before signing up for courses with us.*

*Project NatureConnect charges $150.00 per credit. Eco-Art has a special agreement to offer courses through both entities at a discount. When enrolling, please do so through Eco-Art to ensure you receive your discount.
Do I need to pay UOP after I complete a course?
You may register for your courses when you finish, or if you wish to wait until a later date, you can register at that time.
Payments, Waivers, and Refunds
1. Individuals may make payments. We do not charge extra fees or interest for those who make payments.

2. If your currency is not USD, please let us know so we may determine if we should review differences in currencies.

3. Waivers are offered on a limited basis and require that you complete a volunteer work-study.

4. Refunds will not be given for any courses taken. However, you may retake the course or take another one.

5. If we need to refund any money, this will be discussed with you at the time of the request to ensure we agree on any money that may be due to you.
How many credits/CEU's do I receive?
Individual Eco-Art courses have been designed so you can complete them in 3 months. If needed, you may take additional time to complete your coursework. Each course is 3 Credits/CEUs. All CEUs are approximately 45 hours of learning. Of these 45 hours, you typically will complete 15 hours of field studies. *

*Other courses are offered to all participants. Therefore, taking courses that are less than 3 credits is possible.
Do I get a certificate of completion?
Yes. Once you have paid for and completed your course, you will receive a certificate of completion.
How do I get my certificate of completion?
Upon completing your course, you will be sent a digital certificate. The digital certificate is certified and issued through Sertifier.

Sertifer issues your certificate using a unique ID number that you may share at any time with an employer, friends, or family. In addition, You can download and print your certificate.

You may share your accomplishment (certificate) via social media.*

* Sertifier sends instructions with your certificate on how to share your certificate. We depend on individuals like yourself, telling others about Eco-Art. As a result, we generate interest in Eco-Art and possible enrollments or partnerships. Please note that we depend on organic traffic and do not participate in paid marketing.
What if I lose my certificate ID number?
You may visit this website or Project NatureConnect to find a link to Sertifier certificates. Once on their website, you may access any certificates you have earned through us. If you have lost your certificate ID, you may use the email address you used when completing your coursework. If you have an issue, contact us, and we can obtain a copy and send it to you.