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“We each are a seed of creative expression waiting to bud, be cultivated, nurtured, and grow!"
–Stacey S. Mallory, Ph.D.

Eco 530


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Course Name: Introduction to Eco-Art Therapy
Credits: 3 (135 hours)
Duration: 3 months

Course Description

Eco 530, Introduction to Eco-Art Therapy, is a fun experiential course that introduces us to creating cathartic, ecological and expressive nature-inspired art. We reconnect with Nature’s eons of wisdom by combining art and Applied Ecopsychology, otherwise known as Eco-Art. This course lets participants explore the innovative merging of traditional Art Therapy with Applied Ecopsychology. You do not need to be an artist or have any creative talent to take this class. Eco 530 is not an art course but instead utilizes the creative process of artmaking as a sensory tool for healing and self-discovery in Nature. 

Participants learn various techniques to empower individual expression by combining Nature’s Wisdom with our innate 54 senses and sensitives. In addition, Eco-Art allows individuals to integrate Nature’s eons of infinite wisdom through non-verbal sensory connections. These invisible Webstrings, 54 senses and sensitives, assist us with reaching the deeper aspects of our subconscious mind.

The course consists of weekly hands-on lessons/activities. Participants complete one art/nature creative activity per week and answer reflective questions about their experience. Next, everyone shares a picture of their artwork and a summary of their experience with their online study group. Exchanging, some or all of experiences, with other participant’s provides students with personal validation, support, and nourishes a community of understanding and kinship.