Creative Activities that Let Earth Teach

Engage in and learn about our Human/Nature connection through the arts.

Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature

"Connecting with art and the natural world is an ongoing discovery because every sensory experience only happens once." — Dr. Stacey S. Mallory

Green Sun by Eco-Artist Pablo
Celebrating over 30 Years!

About Us

Eco-Art Therapy is a program offered through Project NatureConnect (PNC). Project NatureConnect, once known as Trailside Education, is America’s FIRST Ecology Expedition School. The Trailside Educational program immersed individuals in year-round experiential learning in nature. Visiting wild places and ingenious cultures throughout the United States made Trailside one of the most memorable environmental undertakings known as Wild America.

Project NatureConnect is a non-profit 501© (3) organization that offers various levels of training in Eco-Art Therapy and Applied Ecopsychology. courses, certificates, and degrees through cooperative partnerships with various universities.

Throughout the long history of Project NatureConnect and Eco-Art, thousands of individuals, organizations, and entities have engaged in the Eco-Art and Applied Ecopsychology courses through unique, adaptive, inclusive, and cooperative practices.

Mission and Vison

Our Mission: to reconnect people with nature’s purity, wisdom, and spirit within and around us. 

Our Vision: Eco-Art supports all self-created expressions through various art techniques and approaches. We strengthen aspects of our innermost well-being and cultural understandings through a two-pronged method of combining Applied Ecopsychology and art. As a result, Eco-Art helps us to strengthen our overall individual and worldview.


No Artistic Talent Needed!

Whether in wild nature, your backyard, or engaging with a beloved pet Eco-Art does not require artistic talent. Many people find their inner artists through Eco-Art, and others enjoy reconnecting with their love of nature and art.

Eco-Artists Wall